Before the pandemic hit

Some new hobbies & accomplishments of 2020

Greg Schultz

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Why is CUSD important to you?

CUSD gives you a lot of opportunities to actually learn new things and use the skills you learned in class. Even when I first joined CUSD my freshmen year, I was starting to build things right from there. I worked with people who have done cool things in the past, like the previous Technical Operations lead, Nikita, who was working at Apple. He showed me things you don’t typically learn in the classroom.

CUSD also gave me the opportunity to network with various people. Working on CUSD, you get…

Tony Li

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Why is CUSD important to you?

I experienced a lot of growth during the time I spent within CUSD. Your friends are important to you because they experience growing with you. And that is how CUSD was like for me. The time I spent working on CUSD was when I experienced the biggest period of growth. Working on CUSD and hanging out with CUSD people all contributed to my development. And it’s not always professional, sometimes it is personal. With that, CUSD really does mean a lot to me.

What made you decide to join…

Some users use Yelp to find new restaurants. Others look up new dishes when they are already at a restaurant.

Yelp wants to solve the problem of “what to eat” : letting users explore new dishes at restaurants. But, users hardly engage with Yelp content in restaurants because:

I want to create a personalized in-restaurant experience that is:

Yelp Restaurant Profiles Are Not Effective


The focus of this initial stage is to interview users on their experiences and attitudes with Venmo. After conversing with some peers about their interactions with Venmo, I created a survey to gather more user data surrounding the reservations, concerns, difficulties, and problems users have surrounding Venmo. I created survey questions to delve into these topics:

Cathy Liu

Experience Designer @Adobe

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